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Mission & Values of the St. James Presbyterian Church

We are a church that values relationship building: among commissioners, within committees, in communities throughout the denomination, and with ecumenical and interfaith partners.

We are a church that aspires to empower all voices and privileges none: seeking consensus whenever possible while providing space for mutual discernment and practice, exploring revisions to the Book of Order and Standing Rules, and supporting minority participation in every way, from technical support to leadership development.

We are a church that sparks radical reconciliation: acknowledging our past, seeking community partners across the denomination, and offering easily accessible and effective resources for all Presbyterians, especially Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Ruling Elders.

We are a church that aspires to connect and collaborate more than simply through a biannual meeting: cultivating two-year General Assembly Commissioner commitment, impacting the surrounding community in a lasting way beyond the economic impact of a large gathering, and incubating innovative and creative ministries.

We are a church that upholds a faithful theology and practice of stewardship: care for the earth through sustainable gatherings, health and safety of all in light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, financial realities while providing space and freeing funds for innovative ministry rather than convention-style gatherings, and enlivening an expansive public theology that speaks to the world with a distinctive Reformed-Presbyterian voice.

We are a church that better serves the 21st-century PC(USA): agile decision making, leaner and more flexible national structure that clarifies institutional leadership and roles, and more technically and interactively proficient, clear, current, and compelling communications to the denomination and throughout the world.

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